To ‘spine’ or not the ‘spine’ – Book Spine

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To ‘spine’ or not the ‘spine’ – whether it be nobler to just consider the front and back book cover design, or on bookshelves should we be giving emphasis to the book spine so as to stand out from the crowd!!???

In an era of vast competition in selling books through bookshops/stores we all know that one of the important key elements to a book is it’s cover and design.   We together with a book cover designer will consider so many different elements to the overall exercise to include (but not exhaustive) – front cover, image(s); layout, trim size; boarders; type of font(s); font size(s); whether in title in bold, or italic; where to locate on the cover, top, centre, left/right-hand side; where the Author’s name should be; what size should ‘author’s name’ should be in proportion to the ‘title; and where this should be located; whether to…

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