e/iBooks -v- Print Books

Welcome to iGO eBooks®

Welcome to iGO eBooks®

Bookstores generally need to co-exist with changing markets and the embryo of e/iBooks which is exponentially increasing in sales since 2009-10. The traditional way of customers having to enter a bookstore to find what they want and have to stand there to peruse potential selection does not make for a relaxing environment.
Combining a bookstores’ with a warm welcoming and relaxing environment where readers can feel comfortable looking at books where seating is available to go through a series of books and then perhaps stay for a while to contemplate which book(s) they will chose to buy makes the whole customer experience more conducive to encouraging increased sales.
Comments on social media alone reinforces the latter with comments around eBooks and how readers feel more relaxed and comfortable whilst browsing e/iBooks selection which is a small but important part of a customers journey in buying the eBooks and likely means that over a time they will buy more. This principal needs to be better understood and applied in bookstores to balance sales of handbook printed editions along side eBook formats.
Time has come to put this subject to bed and get on with cohesively working together for the good of readers and publishing!!!!
e/iBooks -v- Print Books

e/iBooks -v- Print Books


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