Review Skills Set – Your Skills May Soon be Worthless!


A recent survey From Harvard Business Review showed that while a lot of companies are growing they are not necessarily creating jobs. Technological innovation and productivity gains means fewer people doing more work.  The trend, unfortunately, is not going to go away; in fact, it’s going to get much worse.

That is why it’s imperative that we revamp our ideas about skill building. As technology grows, and as more and more jobs become extinct, the pace at which our skills become stale and outdated is only going to pick up speed.

So each of us needs to be committed to life-long learning — even more so than past generations — and charities need to continually focus on retraining. Charles Handy picked this up years ago when he began to share his ideas that jobs for life would be a thing of the past, and part time jobs would become the norm with people developing different streams of income during their lifetimes.


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