iGO eBooks -v- The Market } Why buy iGO eBooks as opposed to other similar subject eBooks on the market?


Why buy iGO eBooks as opposed to other similar subject eBooks on the market?


  • Because other eBooks genre cover the same or similar subjects do not include direct URL links to the hundreds of sources & contacts referred to in each of the 25 eBooks!


  • The information contained in each of the subject matter eBooks are not simply ideas, theory, or just something to consider, but are based on actualities that have been tried and tested; used over again by different types of voluntary sector causes so readers gain the benefit of years of knowledge, skills, and experience.


  • Over 40 Years experience in Fundraising, Governance, Organisational Matters, & Events.


  • Yes, sure!  Much of the information and data is out there on the world-wide-web, but to track all this time would take disproportionate time to search and locate.  iGO eBooks provide a one-stop-shop for matters relating to Fundraising, Governance, and Organisational Matters.


  • iGO eBooks is delivered in different formats from the traditional pdf, to eBooks, ePub, iBooks, and can be made available in large print format.  Audio edition format is also under consideration for the future as part of iGO eBooks strong desire to empower and engage with people with visual impairment and options for those with hearing impairments are being also considered.


  • iGO eBooks is widely available from many of the major publishers to include: Amazon/Kindle, Kobo, iTunes Connect, Lulu, CreateSpace, Smashwords, Nook, Shelfari, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Bertram’s, Autharium, iAuthor, IngramSpark, and ePub Bud.


  • In addition, ongoing information is regularly publishes from supporting distributors including Paper li, BlogTalkRadio, ScoopIt, Scribd, WritersCafe, Author Learning Centre, Critique Circle, Instant Publishing, The Book Depository, Writing.com, FastPencil, WattPad, Publishers Marketplace, amongst others.


  • All of this is reinforced by iGO eBooks being connecting to in excess of 60 Social Media networking sites to disseminate updated information.


  • Whether the collated main edition or the breakdown of the subjects in chapters comprehensively address issues for voluntary sector organisations }


Fundraising } eBook Titles :


Fundraising from Companies & Charitable Trusts/Foundation + Through the Internet Introduction to Fundraising Presentation Fundraising Presentation Enabling Your Fundraising Strategy Fundraising Exiting Strategy Writing your Application | Fundraising Fundraising On The Internet Presentation Fundraising : A Christian Perspective Commission-Based Fundraising | Pros & Cons – Why Not? Guidance Notes and Standard Form of Agreement Between a Charity and a Consultant – [Messrs G Owen & Co®]


Voluntary Sector | Governance } eBook Titles :


Volunteers Handbook Equal Opportunities Policy In Employment & Service Delivery Mission Statement – Example ABC for Committees | Practice & Procedures | Officers | Elections Confidentiality Policy | Example Specimens Constitution for an Unincorporated Organisation having a Membership – (Seeking Charitable Status) Memorandum & Articles of Association – Limited Company (Under Guarantee) – Model


Voluntary Sector | Organisational Material } eBook Titles :


CashBook – Excel Design Monthly Reconciliation Records Code of Ethical OnLine Philanthropic Practices Quality | Kite-Bench Mark for Voluntary Organisations’/Groups’ + Links iGO eBooks – Website(s) Policies, Procedures, & Practices Handbook + Information + Contacts – Resource Data for Night Shelter Volunteers & Workers Charities and Political Policy/Campaigning Social Audit @ Messrs G Owen & Co® iGO eBooks – Website.











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