Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 83 – RT Booklovers Conference Part 2

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Print books –v- e/iBooks : Print books are as much a threat to eBooks as stairs are to elevators!

I would in no way wish to denounce the printed book! There is nothing nicer than handling the tactile, that is the book. I am of a generation that has grown with printed books from school to college to Uni, to work & leisure but I am a realist that, like all of us, we are witnessing a new era where technology, like of loath), is introducing a new format that is the eBook.

In a number of ways, I find this exciting in that it has opened up a new world to people who would not otherwise read books, neigh even access books in third worlds and where literacy is an important part of reading to learn, and by this learning to write!

It should not pose a threat. We have witnessed where huge companies such HMV who maintain a stance of tradition in records and CD’s and initially would not embrace the technology that was mp3’s and when for bust because of it. The publishing industry should have already learnt its lesson when it maintained a stance of hard production print when the embryo of technology broad in Desk Top Publishing and because of that we sadly saw the major part of the print industry diminished.

ePub, ida, or whatever the format will eventually be, (again almost like the ‘70s argument of Betamax versus VHS), this increases the range and depth of books being published and opens up the exciting prospects of so much for future generations.

Both formats are here to stay but I can envisage a 22nd Century where print books in the home will become less, mostly as an aesthetic piece of décor to create a conversational piece at dinner parties, (reduce space and dust cleaning), and confined to the tablet. Libraries will follow to reduce costs and able to offer a great range via a major database.

It is not what I am advocating, nor necessarily what I want – but it is the future and if both formats are to continue, they need to embrace each other and co-exist. The alternative is neither good for the publishing industry and certainly not for the ardent readers!

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Source: Thousands of Authors Defrauded by Tate Publishing in Oklahoma

Pirating/Copyright of e/i-print books on the Internet – Preventative and Deterrent Measures

iGO eBooks®

Welcome to iGO eBooks® Welcome to iGO eBooks®

Unfortunately with the growth of monetorising almost anything these days on the Internet the rogue pirates will come out to play and cause consternation to legitimate sellers – so pirating of e/i-print books online will, (and has) occurred.   Distributors (such as Amazon) are just that and cannot be held responsible.

Registering, if not already done so with the DMCA will help slightly in locking down copying of your site [See our FAQ [s] for information on this].

Reselling or giveaway to attract more download with Malware happens and of course not knowing where to report leaves sources who have done this will look to the originator of the item to try and get recompense which can be resolved by evidence base that you did not supply the site concerned but still a hassle we can all do without.

The key thing here is that…

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Fundraising Exiting Strategy (iGO eBooks - Fundraising Material Services Book 4) - Gordon Owen

iGO eBooks® } Introduction Whiteboard#3 

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Introductions to iGO eBooks®

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Following iGO eBooks® plenary presentation on the subject of things to consider in such a Plan this is an actual production template to tangibly demonstrate the content that should be considered for inclusion in such a Business Strategy Plan for Authors & Publishers including those who choose to become a Social Enterprise.

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